Blood Shed And War In Egypt: Reports do warn of massacre ahead in few hours !

Blood Shed And War In Egypt: Reports do warn of massacre ahead in few hours !

New York City. February 3, 2011. EMERGENCY NEWS RELEASE, 2.20 GMT, (and) Unconfirmed reports do warn about a planned massacre may ahead a couple of hours in which all Pro-Democracy Supporters in Egypt will be killed. At about 2.20 GMT Mubarak Supporters opened fire with guns on Pro-Democracy Supporters and have injured seven people. According to official reports 3 people have been killed and more than 1500 people have been injured.

Some international observers do believe that the BATTLE OF EGYPT will lead not only in Egypt but in the world to an end of democracy and the Human Rights in this world as we used to know it until February 2, 2011. Unconfirmed reports do indicate that journalists and people which do support human rights and democracy will be hunted down and will be killed in all the world. Some reports and observations may indicate that the United Nations and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights will be destroyed. The violence in Egypt could easily lead to an international WORLD CRISIS, the end of democracy and human rights in the entire world.

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